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In loving memory. Elsa Ford, 88 years young and still going!

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Elsa Ford, is a true example that regardless of your age you can still have fun and give back to your community! Elsa is still a very active member in the community and is a big voice when it comes to the environment.

Elsa Ford, was the 2016 Flutterflies Award Recipient! Elsa has given countless years to the Brentwood community advocating for a safe and healthier environment.

Elsa Ford represents beauty, leadership, determination, empathy, compassion, empowerment, inspiration and so much more. She is a woman that I look up to. If I can accomplish half of what she has I will be in peace.

Elsa, is the Founder & President of the Brentwood Bay Shore Breast Cancer Coalition. The coalition was formed in response to a PTA Council environmental issue. It was established in 1994, we are a 501(c)(3) organization for the purpose of research and education regarding breast cancer. Elsa Ford is an active member of the coalition. Even though Elsa does not understand Spanish, she attends every single Latino support group meeting and dedicates her time to the group.

Elsa’s motivation was early in life. At the age 5, Elsa watched her mother suffer and die from Leukemia. At that early age, Elsa set a goal to “find a cure.”

Elsa attended Hunter College, NYC. She received a Bachelor in Science and major in Home Economics and Dietetics. She began to work as dietician at Queens General Hospital, pediatrics unit.

She enjoyed raising her children, Douglas and Nancy. When they attended school, she began to attend PTA. An organization that she found amazing and valuable. PTA helped her and encouraged her to make a difference.

Living on the “island” she became environmentally connected and very protective. She felt there was a strong connection with the environment and the earth. She decided to follow her calling “to connect to life and people”. She believes that if something is not right you need to speak up and take action. She appreciates all the support received from many organizations that have helped her accomplish her many goals.

Elsa has been married for 65 years to her soulmate Harold Ford. He has always been so caring and supportive of her efforts. They are truly a team!

Elsa & Harold married for 64 years!

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