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The spark and connection where women embrace their inner strength and confidence to release the Goddess within.


Flutterflies is a unique and powerful network of women who embrace life, have a desire to build lasting partnerships, and believe in the importance of community involvement. Flutterflies focuses on making powerful and positive changes in the community, and thrives to empower women to make positive changes that will inspire others to do the same.

Flutterflies offers fresh and exciting events that focuses on collaborating with and empowering a community of all ages and backgrounds. We are an organization to promote women empowerment. We may focus on women empowerment, however our doors are open to the community, regardless of race, color, or sex. Our messages of empowerment and inspiration gives light to all. 


We inspire people to engage in activities that will empower and enhance their lives following the eight dimensions of wellness: emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, occupational, and social. 

Focus Areas:

Empowerment Events and Workshops. An opportunity to connect and to make lasting friendships and partnerships.

Beauty and Overall Wellness: Workshops to create a balance in the areas of holistic living, health, relationships, self-love, and inner & outer beauty.

Financial Wellness: A platform to understand your finances, the importance of having a Plan B, to be prepared for the unexpected and for future goals.

Community Involvement. An opportunity to work as a team player, to develop new skills and to make a difference in our society.

Personal and Professional Growth. We assist by instilling confidence, share business, interpersonal & leadership skills, and available resources to reach set goals.

Philanthropy. Flutterflies believes in the importance of giving back. Our “Give Back” program assists non-for-profit organizations obtain goals that have similarities to the Flutterflies' mission.

Pay It Forward Initiative. We have received many blessings and we acknowledge it by simply repaying it with acts of kindness & with good deeds to others.

Consider being a part of the Flutterflies movement. Details under the membership tab. 


Our end result is to develop exceptional people who are leaders, are ready to engage in their community to make a positive difference, and to inspire others to do the same.


Respect ourselves and each other, to be ethical, to encourage and motivate, to recognize our strengths and contributions, as well as of others.   

"All women are unique. We need to embrace who we are and love our ourselves regardless of size, color, shape, or education. We shouldn't let our past, or anyone hold us back from reaching our goals. We all have the power to make a difference. Let's be the change."                                                                 - Alexandra Velez, Flutterflies President& Founder


“A lot of people are afraid to say what they want.

That’s why they don’t get what they want.”. - Madonna.

Our Mission

Flutterflies is a unique and powerful network of women who embrace life, aim to empower, and have a desire to build lasting friendships and partnerships. Flutterflies is dedicated to inspire, motivate and to make a difference.

We aim to touch women’s lives in a powerful, positive, nurturing and supportive way.

Our Mission

To be the connection where women will embrace their inner strength and confidence. To be the spark where women will embrace their inner desires, leadership and spirituality.      

Embrace the Goddess within.

Our Vision

We Need Your Support Today!

Donations will go towards providing Free Event Tickets

to women or students who need uplifting.

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