The connection where women will embrace their inner strength and confidence.

Flutterflies is an organization that promotes women empowerment, by motivating and inspiring all women to engage in activities that will empower them to be mentally stronger and to influence positive changes inside and out. We encourage women to focus in overall wellness: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially, and to engage with the community we serve by paying it forward and participating in positive activities.

As members of the community, Flutterflies believes in the importance of giving back and paying it forward. Our “Give Back” program assists non-for-profit or an individual going through health hardships by donating a percentage of the event proceeds.

Flutterflies workshops, network, and signature Flutterflies events, such as;  “Women’s Empowerment luncheon” and “Celebrando Mujeres Latinas”, among others are an opportunity for growth, to get empowered, motivated, to develop leadership skills and a stepping stone in reaching individual goals.

When you attend a Flutterflies event, you will feel as you are at home. It’s a big family celebration with many “sisters” and a few good “brothers”, music, food, and speakers that talk about their personal journey, with an end result to motivate and inspire each person present.

We are a unique organization that brings fresh and exciting events that focuses in collaborating with and empowering women of all ages and backgrounds. Our events are unique in the sense that we highlight and recognize the women in our community based on their personal accomplishments not based on their financial status or on their professional benefits. We embrace all collaborations that want to empower all women and our young ladies, tomorrow's future.


"All women are unique, exceptional, and talented. All women can make positive contributions to their family and community. We shouldn't let our past, or anyone hold us back from reaching our goals and from making a positive impact." -Alexandra Velez/                                                                                                     Flutterflies Founder-President


“A lot of people are afraid to say what they want.

That’s why they don’t get what they want.”. — Madonna.

Our Mission

Flutterflies is a unique and powerful network of women who embrace life, aim to empower, and have a desire to build lasting friendships and partnerships. Flutterflies is dedicated to inspire, motivate and to make a difference.

We aim to touch women’s lives in a powerful, positive, nurturing and supportive way.


To be the connection where women will embrace their inner strength and confidence. To be the spark where women will embrace their inner desires, leadership and spirituality.      

To have every woman believe that she is a super-woman.

Our Vision

We Need Your Support Today!

Donations will go towards providing Free Event Tickets

to women or students who need uplifting.