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What is Reiki?

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Reiki is a form of healing that goes deep into the experiences, emotions, traumas, karma and relationships of this and other incarnations that are trapped in your aura. Unlike regression which brings you to a hypnotic state. Reiki is the process of moving blocked energy by using universal life energy channeled through the practitioner to the recipient.

Reiki serves the recipient in rebalancing, clearing and removing blocks. Many inherited diseases are passed on through the karmic cords. Reiki can balance your karma and change your DNA in order to release our karmic genetic imprint. We do not have to go through the same painful experiences as our ancestors did. Through the use of the powerful healing modality, we can change the course of our lives for good!

A Reiki session is an intimate and sacred exchange between the recipient and the practitioner that can have long lasting positive effects on your life. In my opinion, Reiki is a holistic healing method that allows you to take your health into your hands! The best part is that anyone regardless of age and religious background can use it to get rid of what no longer serves us in order to move forward and have more fulfilling life experiences. Let’s discuss Reiki at a deeper level and how it can benefit you!

Damaris Samolinski

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