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Greek philosopher Socrates said dreams are the expressions of desire. For a dream to become something we desire, we need to take action along with a positive attitude.

· Attitude are emotions and energy that we weave into our dreams

· Aptitude are the tools of information and knowledge we need to take action to make it a dream, a reality

When we realize our dream are our desires, there will be some situations that will distract us or make us give up on the dream. Dreams don’t easily become a reality. They need time, effort and learning. There will be tribulations along the way but with the right attitude and aptitude, dreams can be reorganized, reinvented… as long as you never to give up.

When you feel like giving up on your dream, remember:

· Success comes from trying, testing and correcting.

· Success is not constant. What makes it constant is your aptitude and attitude.

· Success is the sum of many positive and negative results.

Keep in mind that no one became famous by releasing a single song. Even when it looks like success comes easy, they had to try (and oftentimes fail), they had to innovate and sometimes recreate to reach the results they seek.

Each obstacle you face toward reaching your dreams makes us stronger and more confident to reach and enjoy that dream. In this process, you must make room for faith and manifest.

Envision, declare and repeat it like a mantra.

Take action, plan, and stay in faith.

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